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Construction Management

Construction Management is provided by our separate company VIER Construction. We deliver a variety of projects from construction to head office design, space planning and move management.

Construction Management

VIER Construction's leading Construction Management professionals have managed and delivered some of the world’s most iconic and complex developments. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain foresight, transparency and control over a full-range of construction processes.

Our construction management offer allows us to work collaboratively with our clients, ensuring their best interests at all times. With a flexible and professional approach, we take our valued experience and inovative thinking and combine it to deliver successful projects.


Innovative solutions

Across our project delivery services, VIER Construction professionals excel at devising and delivering innovative and effective outcome-driven solutions that achieve our clients' objectives, while proactively managing cost and risk.

Optimum flexibility, minimum penalties

The works are broken down into trade contract elements. Benefits from competition can be maximised as all trade contractors are appraised and selected by competitive tender. The VIER Construction Manager is employed as a consultant, alongside the design team on a fixed fee and therefore, is able to act in the client’s best interests without the adverse influence of profit motivation. The process therefore becomes a collaborative non-confrontational approach.

The VIER Construction Manager facilitates a fast track approach to a project, allowing design and construction project phases to proceed simultaneously, significantly reducing overall project duration. This carries the added commercial benefit of competitive tendering for every construction trade. These benefits cannot be achieved using any other procurement route.

Integrated services

VIER Construction offers clients a distinct competitive advantage via direct support offered from the other divisions within FOUR Group. Real-time knowledge of development trends, planning environments, programme management, commercial management, H&S and security best practices set our services apart by offering a level of management awareness that is second-to-none.

The benefits of integrated construction management with VIER Construction:

  • Early buildability advice, leading to an improved design which can be more effectively constructed
  • Phased package design, which allows more time for design co-ordination between packages
  • Flexible package tendering opportunities that respond to the prevailing market situation, i.e. lump sum, design and build, CDP elements, competitive dialogue and so on
  • Opportunities for early trade advice and involvement
  • Transparency of tender and ultimately commercial management processes devoid of hidden discounts
  • An ability to manage-out risk through the early design stages, including in relation to security issues
  • A highly effective approach to quality management and delivery through package management processes
  • Placing Health and Safety at the forefront of all site activities, with a strong emphasis on personal responsibility

As leading practitioners in professional construction management, we understand what it takes to ensure the successful delivery of your project. We take the principles and benefits of professional construction management to a new level by continually striving for improvement.

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